Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union meets at 2pm on the first Monday of each month in church. Occasionally this may be changed to the second Monday.

Mothers’ Union was founded in 1876 by Mary Sumner as a means of supporting family life. It is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. Mothers’ Union has members in 84 countries across the world. Its members are not all mothers or even all women, as there are many parents, men, widows, singles and grandparents involved in its work.

These members seek to serve people in their communities through outreach projects and various programmes. Members work tirelessly, offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.

As a Member or Friend you can:

Strengthen communities all over the world

Help the most disadvantaged at home

Shape how we advocate for the rights of families

Build supportive, loving relationships

Develop your own relationship with God